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Training & Consultancy:
We have 12 years of experience in providing management training, advisory and evaluation services worldwide. We believe in building on existing knowledge and experiences to create long-lasting effects. Our services are diverse, available online and in-person, and have three things in common – they are inspired by new concepts and theories, are practical, and lead to new insights.We provide training on every solution we implement as well as any other IT‐based training required by our customers. We can provide ICT Consulting Services for audits, business risk and impact analysis, preparation of tender documents, solutions and systems design.

Solution Design:
We believe in providing a “total solution” to an organization’s IT needs. Whether your organization is a Small Office Home Office (SOHO), a Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) or a Corporate Organization, we have the expertise to design and provide the right IT solution for you.We help clients make the right up-front technology choices for the chosen strategy and deliver bold, innovate solutions utilizing agile execution approaches.

Sale of Software & Hardware :
We sell professional‐developed softwares as well as mobile applications. We also provide a wide range of IT equipment including servers, racks, UPS, PCs, laptops, notebooks, tablets, printers, routers, switches and UTM devices at competitive prices through our wide network of suppliers located in Nigeria.

IT Resourcing Services:
Most companies like to have a dedicated in-house staff with a diverse range of skills so all projects are completely without problems and the business runs smoothly. However, that’s not always a financially sound decision, especially if you don’t utilize these employees often. For example, you might need IT resourcing services for extra IT project managers to complete a big job but you can make do without them on regular projects, it’s not feasible to hire permanent employees. Ametech Global Solutions System Limited ICT Services can help with our excellent IT resourcing services. You can hire project managers, engineers, system architects, and other such professionals on a temporary basis whenever you need them. This will lessen your financial burden and ensure you have a talented and capable team handling the job.

Deep IT Resourcing Market Knowledge:
You don’t need to compromise when you hire IT resources from us because Ametech Global Solutions System Limited team is experienced and skilled enough to handle all kinds of challenges. We have experts with knowledge of multiple markets and products so you get the very best of talent your team. These professionals aren’t just qualified and hardworking, but they’re also very experienced and have worked on a wide array of projects. They’ll definitely bring some unique and interesting ideas and solutions to the table. That might be just what your company needs to succeed.

Dedicated Resource Team:
Ametech Global Solutions System Limited has a dedicated resource team so we don’t simply allocate field engineers and other employees to your company. Members of our IT resource team have a set of talents that allow them to do their job well. They’re very accommodating, confident, adaptable, and creative. This allows them to adjust to different work environments and speeds easily. They can keep up with a tight and demanding schedule and deliver high-quality work.

On-Site Resource Team:
Most of our clients prefer remote resource teams because it’s simply more convenient for them. However, we offer on-site IT specialists as well. We provide both long-term and short term employees; so just tell us what you need and we’ll make the necessary arrangements. Our resource team will work from your on-site location, regardless of where in Nigeria it is. We have several specialists spread across different regions in the country so they’ll be able to comfortably work for you.
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