AGSSL-Private Cloud Our Private cloud solution provides dedicated services to your organization; as only specified clients can operate on a private cloud. With the private cloud the cloud's pool of resource is only accessible by only your organisation providing you with greater control and privacy. Private clouds provide solutions to suit the needs of businesses with dynamic needs. Our private cloud provides the same basic benefits of public cloud which include self-service and scalability, multi-tenancy, the ability to provision machines, changing computing resources on-demand, and creating multiple machines for complex computing jobs such as big data. It also reduces the security concerns around cloud computing and also gives your organization direct control over their data. Here are benefits of our Private Cloud Solution:

GREATER CONTROL Private cloud setup is implemented safely within the corporate firewall, thus providing more control and monitoring over the company's data. As a private cloud is only accessible by a single organisation, that organisation will have the ability to configure and manage it inline with their needs to achieve a tailored network solution.

HIGHER SECURITY AND PRIVACY With a distinct pools of resources and access restricted to connections made from behind an organisation's firewall; as well as dedicated leased lines and/or on-site internal hosting, private cloud ensures that operations are kept safe and secure.
COST SAVINGS Private cloud makes more efficient use of the computing resource by reducing the investment on unused capacity. Private cloud computing enables cost efficiency by the economies of scale, higher workload density, and dynamic management of resources that ensure service levels.

RELIABILITY AND FLEXIBILITY Private clouds are resilient to failure as they are setup to run with little maintenance and can be easily scaled and modified to fit the needs of the organisation. .


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